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The TinEye lab is our technology playground for image search and recognition. Here you can experiment and play with various implementations and features of our image recognition technologies.

Our image recognition technologies are available for licensing via our APIs. We have developed a series of image recognition APIs highly tuned to specific implementation, from mobile image recognition to fraud detection and profile verification.

MulticolorEngine: a color search API

This color search API lets you search through your image collection using color.

MulticolorEngine is very well suited for:

  • finding items in your catalog which match a user's color choice;
  • letting a user find the dominant colors from any image, and use them to search your collection;
  • allowing users to explore your image collection using colors in addition to keywords or other search methods;
  • extracting color from large image collections and doing color classification your images without keywords;
  • eliminating the need to manually tag colors in all your images;
  • enhancing your current search methods.

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MatchEngine: a de-duplication and image identification API

This API finds duplicate, modified and even derivative images in your image collection.

MatchEngine is very well suited for:

  • finding duplicate and near-duplicate images in your collection;
  • avoiding adding unwanted images to a collection, such as duplicates or blacklisted images;
  • doing reverse-image searching: finding all matching or modified images for a user-supplied image;
  • fraud detection and prevention, e.g., finding photos submitted for multiple insurance claims or for verification;
  • on-line profile or product photo verification;
  • compliance.

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MobileEngine: a mobile image recognition API

This API allows you to build mobile applications that use high-sensitivity image recognition with your own image collection.

MobileEngine is very well suited for:

  • matching a mobile photograph to your image collection, for example something that is in a catalog;
  • allowing your users to get on-line information from your printed catalog, by taking pictures of photos in it;
  • letting a user shoot a wine label and get more information about the wine from your database;
  • taking a photo of a painting and getting a match in your show catalog or database;
  • connecting your users' images to your information of any kind;
  • allowing your users to interact with any of your printed materials, including newspapers, magazines, and posters.

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